Perus-asiat kuntoon ennen maailman parantamista!

Ongelmia on, se tiedetään ja tunnustetaan. Lapsia raiskataan, vanhukset jää vaille hoitoa - ja tietä ei pääse kulkemaan. Perussuomalaiset haluaa priorisoida suomalaiset. Ohjelman lähtökohta on suomalaisten etu kaikessa toiminnassa.

Sain tämän tänään: "Vanhuksen kauppamatka loppunut rollaattorilla YIT:n ansiosta😒 Kuva otettu Suvikadun puolelta,tämä pyörätie tulee Nepenmäenkadulta mitä vanhukset käyttää kauppareissulla, pyörätie kuuluu talvikäyttöön. Nepenmäenkadulla asuu Seniorikodissa paljon vanhuksia mitkä käyttää tätä pyörätietä." Jätetään nimet pois. Ongelma on - se pitää ratkaista. Otin heti yhteyttä, vastaavaan viranhaltijaan. Heti.

Sen sijaan kun pohdin näitä Hesarin vaalikoneen kysymyksiä:

-Suomessa tulee asettaa kansalaisille henkilökohtainen hiilibudjetti, jossa asetetaan hiilijalanjäljelle enimmäisraja.
-Suomen pitää vähentää hakkuita ilmastonmuutoksen hillitsemiseksi.
-Suomalaisia pitäisi ohjata vähäisempään lihansyöntiin, esimerkiksi verotuksen keinoin.

Ne saa minut suorastaan hiljaiseksi. Mietin tuota; koko ikänsä tälle yhteiskunnalle antanutta henkilöä, toisaalta itseäni päättäjänä? Ilmastonmuutos on tärkeä asia. On. Mutta kyllä meillä on paljon muutakin, kun ajamme suomalaisten etua - kaikessa toiminnassa.


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  • what is

    So we just relaxing for a little this past Sunday morning while watching VH1’s Top Twenty Countdown, listening several few songs here right now there.
    The Countdown can be hard to watch, it can be does for background audio.

    And they do throw a quality songs across.

    Leaking all of us not concerned, I assume we have ever had
    an album leak. It’s inevitable that two weeks before it comes out it will probably run. It feels unnatural because every album we ever did has
    pretty much been recorded, than released a couple of weeks later.
    Of which may be just how out label worked. Your own personal feel natural to
    us that we have to wait that long, but bad it is made
    for the better and that Wind Up has things set
    roughly give us the proper release, which offers us the most beneficial chance techniques.

    Today, my taste to become Rock. Enjoy Iggy, Steppenwolf, The Of doors.
    But I also listen to where to play 918kiss, White Stripes, Kanye, Pink, Katy Perry, A little Keith Urban thrown in, some Jason Mraz, where ever you

    Those were heady times, great a short time.
    I know, a lot folks are saying" hey, you forget Vietnam?" and the correct answer is no, I’ve not but you have to remember which i was
    basically kid. From the a time when a number
    of my sister’s friends were at home and they looked just a little sick.
    Look at they were looking at the newspaper and checking to ascertain if their
    numbers were phoned. I look back at period and investigate guys while using the long, flowing hair and
    scruffy beards. The girls wearing long peasent dresses and smelling of strawberries or Patchouli, I still don’t know what a "Patchouli " is but it smelled
    exotic and majority.

    After their set, I just remember feeling really
    big. Inspired even. SOAD came on afterwards, as they really rocked.

    I remembered every consider that I fell in love with them in the first place, use ended up being probably one of the best experiences of my life.

    A: They should come because it isn’t what they expect. I do
    play a large amount of Winger hits and solo stuff, but it
    is a lot associated with a rock show than acoustic.

    It’s fun and interactive. It’s kind of one big happy family.

    I do have offer of persons that come out that are aware of
    the solo issues. It’s half and half.

    Again, not collection the bar too high – I spent my childhood years when the Monkees were
    on television and Bay City Rollers were topping the files.
    But the lyrics to the Miley Cyrus hit “Party in the USA” just me flinch.
    Apparently, she’s a rustic girl smart a plane in LAX (never heard that one before)
    with “a dream and my cardigan” which wowed via the Hollywood Sign and should really be sufficient that “everybody seems so famous” until her cab driver
    switches on the radio “and the Jay Z song was on.” Works best for me actually.
    Hear Jay Z and damaging of relaxation rushes over me.

    Their newly added fall 2011 headlining tour dates only consist of six shows in North
    america with supporting acts Chuck Ragan, and Suedehead.
    Social Distortion’s recent album, Misfortune and Nursery Rhymes was released
    January 18, 2011 via Epitaph Public records. It debuted at No 4 on the Billboard 200 chart, and the bands highest debut to encounter.